Golden Trails Public Adjusters

What is a Public Adjuster? Why do I need one? Good Question…

As your Public Adjuster, we are licensed professional claim managers that advocate for you the policy holder and assist in negotiating your insurance claim on your behalf. We know & understand POLICY!

If your home or commercial property has been damaged due to any natural disaster, a hurricane, storm, hail or wind damage, water damage, or a fire loss. We are the ones to call before the insurance company.

Our Licensed Public Adjusters are located across all of Florida and Ohio to help you from the moment you contact us until your property is restored to its pre-loss condition.

We will help you understand your insurance policy, the coverage you purchased, and file a claim with your insurance company. We will even evaluate your denied claim and let you know how we may be able to reopen it, for a covered repair.

We don’t’ get paid unless you get paid. No settlement, no fee. Contact Us Now

We will review your policy for FREE so you are prepared and understand your coverage, before you need to use your insurance, rather than to find out you don’t have the coverage you expected.

When damage to your home or business requires that you file an insurance claim, don’t face the insurance company alone.

Golden Trial Public Adjusters in Florida and Ohio Specialize In the following claims:

  • Wind & Hail
  • Hurricane
  • Tornado
  • Water
  • Fire & Lightning
  • Theft & Vandalism
  • Residential, Home, Condominium, Townhomes, Apartment Complexes, HOA’s & Small Business
Free Inspection
and Policy Review

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Our Mission

Let Our Experience Be Your Guide.

We know policy and how to interpret the policy language to find coverage. Let us help you with the claims process, to help you understand your policy BEFORE you need to use it. Let us take away the stress of making phone calls, negotiating with the insurance company, meeting with the adjuster and all of the claim processes. Let us assure coverage is available for you and put your property back the way it was before the loss.

Our Services

Did you know using a Public Adjuster protects your rights as the policyholder & ensures fair value of your claim?

The Office of Program and Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPAGGA) recently released a study showing that public Adjusters negotiate up to a 747% larger insurance claim settlements for homeowners and commercial property owners than they would be able to get handling the claim on their own. This is especially true during hurricanes and other catastrophic sistuation when carriers are processes hundreds or thousands of claims in a short period of time.


  • We always review your policy in detail and explain the coverages that you purchased from the insurance company.
  • We will complete a free inspection and a write detailed estimate of all the repairs needed to your home or business.
  • We will provide the necessary documentation to the insurance company, assuring a proper repair for the damages found during our investigation.
  • We will schedule all the necessary inspections with the carrier and follow up on the status of your claim as we move the claim closer to final settlement and closing.
  • We will always keep you involved in the claims process and notify you of any inspections, required paperwork, or other information need for the carrier to process your claim in a timely manner
  • We will involve you with any settlement offers made throughout the process until you have agreed on the final amount for your repairs. This is always your claim.