Wind Damage

What is wind damage? Most of us see wind damage as shingles missing off our roof, stucco damaged, siding missing or displaced on the side of the home. Maybe screens are missing from your pool enclosure or patio. But many times, wind damage is not visible from the ground for your roof.

Shingles can be lifted, creased, and have debris (leaves or dirt particles) under them that keep them from attaching or adhering correctly to each other. This keeps them from doing their job, which is protecting your roof decking from leaks, and in time will show on the interior of your home as a water (coffee colored) stain on the ceiling.

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As your public adjuster, we will come out and do a FREE inspection of your entire home. As part of our inspection, we will review your insurance policy during our visit and explain your coverages to you. They are hard to understand and most have 40-120 pages that none of us ever look at. Not every roof needs to be replaced, or repaired annually. BUT every insurance policy should be reviewed annually so that you understand your coverages should you ever need to use them. Be proactive! Let our experience by your guide.

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Water Claim

Do you have water damage? Did the dishwasher leak? A sink or pipe leak? The Water heater leak? An Air Conditioning unit leak or cast-iron pipe issue also falls under your water claim part of your policy.

What can you do? Stop the leak right away! Call your local plumber to determine where the water is coming from and make that plumbing repair to stop further additional damages. CALL us to help you file your insurance claim, we will be there the same day if needed. Put us in your phone under: INSURANCE CLAIM – Golden Trails Public Adjusters 321-209-1941

It is important to know your policy before moving forward to avoid additional costs out of pocket that may not be covered by the insurance policy. Let our experience Be your guide give us a call today.

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Hurricane & Tornado Claims

We know when mother nature calls and gives us all the right conditions for Hurricanes or Tornados you should expect the unexpected. You need to be prepared before you need to use this part of your policy. What coverages does your policy have when a Hurricane or Tornado damages your home? Coverages under your policy for hurricane may not be the same as your other coverages. Do not let mother nature surprise you! Know what you have when she hits your home, be ready. Contact us now for a FREE review of your coverages. These types of losses will be the most costly for you. Let our experience by your guide to saving money.

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Flood Claim

Flooding event can occur when a water line breaks while you are at work, on vacation, or just in the next room. Walking into your home after a long day or after the best vacation of your life can put a damper on everything that was great just a few minutes ago. Let our experience be your guide. We will help you find a plumber in your area, mitigation clean up and start your claims process as quickly as possible. We know what to do and we know how to help. Put us in your phone under: INSURANCE CLAIM – Golden Trails Public Adjusters 321-209-1941 We will be there to help.

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Fire Claim

We hope you will NEVER have to call us for this type of claim. Always check the batteries in your smoke detector twice a year. Daylight savings time – change your clock, change your battery and check that smoke detector.

But fires do happen and when they do, they can be very traumatizing. Your home is your biggest investment. It is where you feel safe and keep your family safe. A FIRE will take that away in a heartbeat. Always get your family out of the home or business first call 911 and then worry about putting the fire out. Be safe first. It is only property and can be replaced, your life can’t. Let the fire department do their job. CALL 911 be safe for your family.

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We are here 24/7 for this type of claim. The owner Dave Hall is a retired Firefighter and Paramedic he knows how traumatic this time can be for you. As we said property can be replaced. Isn’t this why you insured your property? We will help you with the process. Let our experience be your guide to making you whole again. Put us in your phone under: INSURANCE CLAIM-Golden Trails Public Adjusters 321-209-1941. We will be there to help 24/7 call us anytime for a Fire Claim.

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Kitchen Claim

Most kitchen claims are related to a dishwash misfunction, a pipe or drain line leak. Kitchen claims result in kitchen cabinet damage, damaged counter tops, damage drywall and flooring damage.

Getting the source of the water leak under control is your number one priority in this situation. A plumber maybe needed to help you with this project. Once the leak is stopped, then we need to see what we can do to mitigate the damages and call in an insurance claim if warranted. Water claims need to be called into the insurance carrier in a timely manner to activate coverage. Waiting too long could get you denied for repairs. Let our experience be your guide we can do a free inspection and help you with your insurance process.

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Bathroom Claim

Bathroom claims usually involve a shower leak behind the wall, a sink supply line, or those nasty toilet overflows. But it could also be as simple as your child allowing the sink or tub to overflow. It happens, that is why you have insurance? Accidental damage happens often, and insurance will help you make the repairs to your home when it does. This is way you pay for insurance every month. Let our experience be your guide by contacting us today to help you with your claim. Water claims need to be called into the insurance carrier in a timely manner to activate coverage. Waiting too long could get you denied for repairs so don’t delay.

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Tile Claim

Tiles can be broken from heavy loads, like your refrigerator. Dropping something on the tile, like a large can of food. Admit it, you have grimaced when this happened to you. Most of us have been there. Water can cause damage to tile. The mortar that is used to hold your tiles down onto the slab is water based. Water sits on your tiles and seeps through the aging grout and under the tile. The mortar then deteriorates and loosens the tiles. This causes them to hollow out underneath lifting them and allowing them to crack. Sometimes it happens due to sink hole issues here in florida although rare.

If you are unsure what caused your tile damage, give us a call. Let our experience be your guide to figuring it out.

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